Sneak peak

17 03 2010

Here is a sneak peak of my new theme scheduled for release next week.


I’m Back

17 03 2010

You will have noticed I’ve been in-active on my blog for some time. This is due to me having alot of course work and exams lately. I have also been paying alot of interest in to the Xbox 360. To my prodjects for the xbox 360 please visit Global Mods

But I can gladley say I’m back in buisness and you can expect alot of new free and paid themes please send requests for free/paid themes.

I’m still waiting for a mac to get started on making some apps but I will eventualy get round to it. I’ve tried windows versions but they are appauling.


22 01 2010

I am in the middle of creating a new theme, it is going to be called istyle ( may be changed ) it is a rich and beatifull theme which is made to look clean and elegant. It will contain glass like icons which will be followed by a glowing dock.
I’m open to any suggestions on what could make the theme any better

Under Construction

20 01 2010

The website is still underconstructipn so could have a few errors. So please give it a bit of le – way before positing errors. I hope for the site to be fully functional by late January.

Welcome to Cyrock

19 01 2010

Welcome to Cyrock!
The best place for apps, themes and info.

Here at cyrock we like not to only support apple but we also support the jailbreaking comunity. If you would like to know how to jailbreak please go to the jailbreak page.

Your proboly thinking well what’s this website all about. Well let me explain.

This is our home site this is were you will find our latest news and info. As well as other news for example if there’s and apple update it will be Posted on here.

To make this website it’s own app on your springboard/ homepage click add then add to homepage. This just makes life easier.

You will also find our variety of apps from the AppStore and themes from cydia/ rock. Please feel free to leave comments about any thing you please.