As I said before we like to make themes, you will find all our theme names and info on this page and I will update it with my new themes.

To Download any of my themes. Simply open cydia/rock and search for the name. Please leave any comments about the themes to help other viewers.


A cool lockscreen containinga custom slider a wallpaper and sounds. This is the only lockscreen with a zombies head as the slider!

Windows 7 complete

This rich and beatifull theme has a custom lockscreen along with icons, sounds and dock. This is a great replica of windows aero.


LockDown has some stunning art and had many days of work put into it. It contains a full UIskin, Dock icons ( hanging from chains), sounds, calculator skin, music skin and much more. This is definateley a must have.

ACE sleek cut

This theme is my favorite yet it’s had alot of hard work put in. It took about two weeks to get the basic structure of the theme. 2 months later the themes is done with over 1000 icons. It’s a very sleek design based around metal textures.


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