This is a step by step jailbreaking tutorial for the 3.1.2 firmware. This is for the iPhone and tethered iPod touch. If you have 3.1.3 This will not work sorry.

Firstly I think you should know the conciquences before jailbreaking. If you have an iPod touch 3g or higher it will be tethered. This means when turned off you have to run a program to start it again (blackra1n). Apart from that there are no other side effects.

You should also be aware that there is a very small chance that it could break your iPhone/ iPod. How ever this is very rare

Now let’s get started. Firstly pop over too blackra1n. And click on the windows sign at the bottom of the page to download the windows jailbreak and the mac sign for the mac jailbreak.

Now the rest aplies for both mac and windows. It’s firstly best to restore your iPod/iphone. Then open blackra1n with iTunes installed and the iPhone/iPod connected.

If on windows run the program as an administrator unless your running XP or on a MAC.Then click the button that says “make it rain”. It should say successfully jailbreak after about 5 seconds then your iPod screen should popup with a fancee picture of the maker of the program (GeoHot).

From this point on ignore anything iTunes says about restoring. Simply click cancle on anything iTunes says and then carry on as normal ( you can still sync with iTunes when jailbroken)

Wait about 1 – 3 minutes and your iPod should load then your done. To install cydia or rock, open the blackrain app and install from there.

A few tips. If your iPod ever crashes during any point of jailbreaking or rejailbreaking to turn it on. Then disconnect from the pc and hold the home and power button till the iPhone/iPod turns off ( around 10 seconds ) then leave it off for five minutes then rejailbreak to turn on.

And always try not to disturb blackra1n when it’s doing it’s thing because it can lead to a broken iPhone/iPod.

Were finished!

Was this helpfull? 🙂 please comment.


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