I do accept requests for personalised themes, obviously I charge a small fee. Dependant on what you ask for. ( I don’t ridiculous prices)

A very simple theme with just a lockscreen with sounds is £1

a normal theme with a
Lock screen with sounds. and a wallpaper with a customized dock and a few icons will cost around £3 pounds.

A full theme containing; calculator skin, lockscreen, sounds, wallpapers, dock, weather skin, music skin, loading pages and much more can reach prices of £15 but take around 1 – 2 weeks of solid work.

I can do amy style of themes, maybe you want one with your name and hobbies on?

All finished work is show before bought. 🙂

Please contact me at saying what you would like and how you would like it too the finest detail and I will reply giving you the info like how to pay and a price. If you think the price is unacceptable you can cancle.

Feel free to ask any questions. 🙂


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